About Us

CoreMotion Pilates is the solution for mind-body balance.

CoreMotion is committed to consistently providing a combination of great teaching and great Pilates.  We aim to inspire greatness in our clients, our teacher training participants, our instructors and our staff.  In dedicating ourselves to achieving the highest standards of excellence and value in Pilates instruction, we enable our clients to practice Pilates the way it was intended – and therefore reap the full brilliance of the technique in their bodies and lives.  In this way, the many promises of Pilates may be transformed into a reality.

Professional Training

Why Choose Us?

Personalized Attention

We believe that Pilates is for everyone – from the super-fit, semi-fit and soon-to-be fit and we deliver personalized instruction that is classical, systematic and integrative so that clients’ goals can be met and their desired results attained.

Advanced Training

We employ the finest classically trained, professional Pilates instructors who know not only how to teach clients, but how to empower them.

Energetic Environment

We strive to provide a positive, energizing and non-intimidating studio environment while offering competitive rates, a flexible fee structure and personalized customer service.

Unparalleled Facility

Our brand new studio is designed with your comfort in mind, and the small class structure will keep you stress-free.  The serene spa environment furnished with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment creates an ideal environment to focus on mind and body.

Our Approach

CoreMotion believes in a classical, systematic and integrative approach to Pilates.

By classical, we mean that our Pilates instruction honors the original teachings and intentions of Joseph Pilates.  By systematic, we mean that our instructors teach a prescribed system of Pilates exercises that guide our clients ranging from the Beginner, through the Intermediate, and to the Advanced Student.  And by integrative, we mean that at CoreMotion you will learn to use the Reformer, Mat, Jump Board, Ballet Barre and Magic Circle.

Pilates instruction at CoreMotion is rooted in the following approach:  by teaching you the original exercises in the original order, you learn undiluted, classical Pilates that maintains the integrity of the method.  Then, by teaching you a progression of exercises where one exercise or workout does not exist in isolation from the next, you learn Pilates more easily and safely – and therefore progress and attain results more quickly.  By integrating multiple apparatus in every workout, you understand how each piece works synergistically to facilitate greater levels of awareness and fitness.