Monthly Auto-Pay Pricing

Monthly Automatic Payment Options:
Receive discounted pricing for monthly classes!
Every Month your credit card will automatically be charged the package fee.  All classes must be used in a one month (30 days from date of first use) period and expires ONE month from start date.  Classes do not carry over from month to month.

Group Classes : per Month :   6 Classes :     $90
Group Classes : per Month :   8 Classes :   $120
Group Classes : per Month : 12 Classes :  $180
Group Classes : per Month : 16 Classes :  $230
Group Classes : max 1/day  : Unlimited :    $324
Add-on Group class : $15 – Auto-Pay Members ONLY

Special Auto-Pay benefits include:
  1. Receive discounted monthly group class pricing.
  2. Classes can be used ANYTIME during your scheduled month (limit 1 class per day)
  3. At your 13th consecutive month receive a $90 30 day pass = 6 Group Classes for FREE!
  4. Allows for temporary suspension during holidays/vacations, etc (up to 2 weeks, twice per year).
  5. Allows you to sign up for future reservations before the end of the month.
  6. Enroll and choose your own start date via the “Auto Pays” tab in our Online Member Store.

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