CoreMotion Guidelines

CoreMotion Guidelines

Instructors are subject to change without written notice.
Classes are limited to one class per day per client.
Toe Socks with grip are required for all classes and are available at the studio for purchase.
No contract term is required for Auto-Pay enrollment; cancel anytime before your next month begins by emailing the studio.
Monthly allotted classes do not “roll over” one month to the next.
A month is defined as 30 consecutive days.
A valid credit card must be on your profile with the studio in order to enroll in class.

We look forward to seeing you at CoreMotion!

Cancellation Policy

Class booking choices are available in several different payment options so please choose the plan that is right for you.

Due to the limited number of spaces available in each class, all group classes require 12 hours notice for cancellation. Classes cancelled after the 12 hour period has expired result in a “Late Cancel” and a loss of class credit.

“No Shows” will result in a $25 fee charged to your credit card, but the class credit will remain in your account.

One-on-One Instruction requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. After the 24 hour cancellation period has expired a $30 fee will be charged to your credit card but the credit will stay in your account.

Please contact the studio if you have any concerns or questions regarding our policies.

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