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Benefits of Pilates Exercises

Get excited about starting your Pilates program. Some of the changes you may not notice until three months into your Pilates workouts, but be patient. No exercise program works miracles. These changes in your body become apparent only if you maintain a regular Pilates program, meaning doing the workout at least twice a week. A firmer butt: Most Pilates exercises work the butt. You should notice a definite change within a few weeks of doing Pilates regularly. Your butt should be more toned and perhaps a little smaller. If you start with a very small and undeveloped butt, it actually may grow a little, but in a very nice way. Longer and leaner musculature: If you tend to bulk up when you work out, Pilates is an ideal strength-training program for you. Pilates exercises accentuate the length of the limbs and change bulky muscles into longer and leaner ones. In general,...

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Pilates: Sex And Health Benefits For Midlife

  Here’s a bold statement: If everyone Post 50 and postpartum did Pilates, we’d all be stronger, leaner and more agile; breathe better; stand better; be more focused and — who knew? — have better sex. I stumbled on that last attribute in a piece called “Pilates’ Dirty Little Secret” written by “The Huffington Post” blogger and Pilates instructor Corrie McCrae. What’s the “dirty” secret? “Pilates makes sex better,” McCrae wrote, before elaborating on the unbearable lightness and orgasmic attributes of the pelvic floor exercises that are staples in Pilates. I hadn’t thought about that last detail until a friend and recent Pilates devotee enthused: “Pilates is the sex of exercise.” When I asked her to elaborate, she opined: “I would imagine that anyone performing spread-eagle poses and pelvic thrusts while laying down on a leather bench with stirrups in their feet, lifting rhythmically and concentrating on...

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Every Body Benefits From Pilates

Possibly one of the most exciting aspects of Pilates is that anyone can do it, and everyone can achieve amazing results. Because there’s no bouncing, jarring, or stress to your body, Pilates offers the ideal form of exercise for people who, because of joint pain or muscle weakness, shy away from exercise. It’s also convenient. You don’t need any heavy, expensive equipment, and you can do Pilates anywhere, anytime. Some of the routines take less than 10 minutes, making Pilates the perfect form of exercise for anyone who finds there’s not enough time in the day for exercise. You have 10 minutes to strengthen your abs and back, don’t you? You’ll start to see and feel results in as few as 10 sessions. Just some of the many ways you can benefit from doing Pilates regularly include: A Healthy, Supple Spine Pilates gives more support...

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